Backtracks: Chill Bump – The Eponym

After enjoying some of Chill Bump’s latest work, I had to throw The Loop on and sink into it like I do my recliner, headphones on and smothered in comfort. While “Not Today” was glorious, it’s hard, hard, hard, hard to top “The Eponym”. The intro to EP#4 for the French duo is effortlessly chill, doubtless the exact kind of track hundreds and thousands of rappers wish they could create to put their names on the map.

My (musical) passion lies in garage and indie rock typically, but relaxing with some killer hip-hop is hard to beat. “The Eponym” has 87 plays in my iTunes, untold numbers via the Soundcloud player and Hype Machine…needless to say, much enjoyed. As the outtro intones, “and that’s what we call an attention getter…”

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