Video: LA Font – Onshore

LA Font released a video for “Onshore” a bit back and I just caught wind of it. More.

Video: SPEAK – Gates

With Pedals out and available, SPEAK have dropped off a video for their wonderful single “Gates” as well. More.

Video: Chet Faker x GoldLink – On You

This Songs From Scratch stuff is beyond the pale. Every collaboration is so filthy good, even that one disappeared from Hemsworth and Starlito. Whatever happened to that, anyway?

Regardless, Chet Faker and GoldLink combine to make your ears sing with joy, just like our buddy Christopher Walken will in his newest role for NBC. I dunno if “On You” can live up to the eternal Captain Hook, but it’ll hook your sensibilities for at least a few listens.

Video: Mad Ones – Leather Rug

Can’t say I’ve ever seen a “Leather Rug”, but Mad Ones’ e-mail was interesting enough to get me to try it out. “Leather Rug” packs in the fuzz and distortion, topped off by killer vocals and a dog who is hyped up to eleven on whatever designer drug Boston Terriers use nowadays. The unnamed dog shows off it’s terrific ball-carrying skills, while Mad Ones clinch their teeth and deliver a scintillating performance that’d win my heart with or without man’s best friend.

Hailing from Toronto, this two piece evoke the best bits of Phil Kessel’s wrist shot and Dion Phaneuf’s wife circa de 2004. In music terms they take no prisoners. You can download the song for free on Bandcamp.


Video (Premiere): Sweet Baboo – Motorhome (Sofar Austin)

Stephen Black is an interesting sort. My introduction to him as Sweet Baboo was last February with the “Let’s Go Swimming Wild” video. The Welsh pop songsmith stands face to face with the camera while a tablet artist has their way with him and his surroundings…most notably giving him whiskers and turning him into a cat. Odd is the correct terminology, but it was an endearing performance. Oh, and “Let’s Go Swimming Wild” was a hell of a track. That helped. Now we have another video from the gentleman to digest.

If you’ve not caught any of the Sofar series, you’ll be surprised by the coziness of the setting. Have you ever fancied writing a song or starting a band? Try and remember the first time you played your music for someone else. That’s Sofar. It’s intimate. Beautiful.

Our intrepid Welsh hero Mr. Baboo entrances the small crowd with “Motorhome”, a track taken from an EP titled Motorhome Songs that he released late last year. It’s a poignant performance, with the song reminding me more than a touch of another adventurer and a rather iconic image. While I’m certain Sweet Baboo wasn’t referencing Bus 142, “Motorhome” tugs on the heartstrings similarly.

You can order Motorhome Songs from Moshi Moshi records.


Video: Decent Lovers – Me and Puppykitty

My wife and I often ponder what (constructive) activities we might do together. We made pallet furniture for a bit. We’ve exercised, yadda yadda. We do a lot together (we do have two kids, after all), but watching HBO television shows and attending hockey games isn’t exactly going to change the world. I’m not saying Decent Lovers are world changing, but the husband/wife duo is certainly mood lifting. I’m not sure what’s going on with the song title, but I’d be hard pressed to find fault with anything else they’ve done.

The video is praiseworthy on it’s own merit, recorded solely in the couple’s Rhode Island apartment. Hairy arm meet tiny arm, play moog, plants turn, “I don’t think so”, cables slither, plants turn. The cables advance across the screen in that same delightfully awkward manner that Dukie used to dance into our heart (and subsequently crush it in the final montage of The Wire), while Decent Lovers’ sound shares two of my musical loves; melody and simplicity. A true head nodder with a sublime twist, “Me and Puppykitty” is your introduction to new found love. Download it on Bandcamp.

Video: RATKING – Canal

This RATKING LP dropped a while back and it’s been a bit of refreshment in a nearly one year hiatus of hip-hop in my various playlists. It hit the digital streets in early April, along with a little helper by way of the wonderful King Krule, and it is through that collaboration that I discovered the newest champions of NY rap. RATKING are the hip-hop droids I’ve been looking for.

“Canal” is the latest RATKING vid, showcasing the city that harbors them as well as Wiki’s missing teeth. You need to pick up So It Goes on iTunes.

Backtracks (Video): Miike Snow – Paddling Out

I know absolutely zilch and zero about Miike Snow outside of this track…but damn if it isn’t a beauty. Like many teenage and twenty something males, I like to play FIFA. This was the most memorable track of FIFA 13 and I imagine I heard it at least 250 times without every growing tired of it’s charm.

As it’s my birthday and the final one before I paddle my way out of being being young and into my early thirties (29 today!), I thought perhaps “Paddling Out” would be the perfect send off. You can fly in your spaceship house to anywhere while you listen.