Stream: Buffalo Rodeo – No End In Sound (Full Speed)

Somewhere in (a) space there’s an aspiring musician listening to the first 60 seconds of “Full Speed” saying “that’s what I wanna do.” Clocking in at over five minutes, the track and it’s slower counterpart “Half Speed” are the first singles released by Buffalo Rodeo since 2013. When you put them in the lineup next to “Treehouse” and the rest of Home Videos, there’s a serious progression that might not have been an obvious step for the group two years back.

It feels a bit like Tony Soprano’s hurried trek through the snow-covered New Jersey woods as the FBI swarmed on Johnny Sack’s domicile; desperate and chilling, with a great helping of future unknowns. I’m looking forward to hearing more in this vein if this is the path Buffalo Rodeo are taking.

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