Stream: Dah Rhyl Gah Moor – Right Swipe

They may have a black heart but at least the dulcet tones filtering through your ear drums are pretty heavenly. However you pronounce the name of the group, the creative output is undeniably intriguing. Do we pronounce it as the syllables sound? Is it something clever I don’t understand? Who knows. I prefer to take some creative liberties and have referred to the project as Daryl (Dixon’s) goomah (try to pronounce Daryl like Rick does), crossing the fan fiction barrier with a Walking Dead and Sopranos collision for the ages.

I’m no lyrical connoisseur so I may have missed something, but I am curious where the title “Right Swipe” came from. Too much smartphone use? A traffic collision? This is a mystery that needs solving. Watch out for #You’re Not Playing The Character, You Are The Character; Drink The Bleach! which features “Right Swipe”.

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