Video: George Michael – Careless Whisper

It’s no big secret that Guilty Feet drew it’s name from an homage to George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” displayed by Matt Helders on his bass drum. The track is one of the very best from 80’s, no doubt, and I’d be hard pressed to come up with a better inspiration for the title of a blog about music.

George Michael passed away suddenly on Christmas Day and the music world and fans are mourning his passing. This is just a humble blog bearing a reference to his legacy, but I felt it important to share “Careless Whisper” one more time and reminisce on the good times and good tunes. 2016 has been a rough year for beloved artists.

Stream: Morningbell – Goodbye and Goodbye and Goodbye and Goodbye
Stream: Huntly – Please
Stream: Trails and Ways – Get Loud
Trails and Ways (Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm)

Video: DAMEHT – Creeper Creeper

Blistering, infectious goodness surges through DAMEHT’s newest single “Creeper Creeper”. Tap your foot, thrash your head – whatever you do, fall in line and in love with the grimy, pop and rock fused sound. The video is also particularly swell, featuring a young woman breaking out of her shell at a DAMEHT concert and the crowd following along.

There’s something delightfully devilish in Rivington Starchild’s raspy vocals that adds the perfect amount of panache to the group’s over the top, home run style. You can dig up “Creeper Creeper” for your own collection on iTunes.

MP3: Hex Cougar x Jarell Perry – War & Peace
Hex Cougar x Jarell Perry
Stream: Inspired & The Sleep – Sweet Company
Inspired & The Sleep

Video: The Last Shadow Puppets – Aviation

The Last Shadow Puppets are cranking up the machine in anticipation of the release of their second LP Everything You’ve Come To Expect. With a name (partially) inspired by Matt Helders, it’s fair to say we’re big fans of Alex Turner and Miles Kane. The countdown to the new album has been a tad tortuous for myself, and I’ve been so busy otherwise I completely missed that the group had released two singles since we first laid ears on “Bad Habits”.

“Aviation” features that familiar seasoning found on The Age Of The Understatement, including a faint whiff of strings similar to those found on the song of the same title. The nearly four-minute jaunt is pretty delightful, and the video features a shaven Miles Kane and impressively coiffed Alex Turner digging what I presume is their own graves on the beach next to the ocean.